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Production area: Veneto – Hilly vineyards in Euganean Hills. Grapes: 100% pinot grigio.

Vinification system: classical white vinification. fermentation occurs  inside steel vats at controlled temperature,  where selected yeasts are added. at the end of alcoholic fermentation, the wine is left in  contact with the yeasts for asuitable period of time.

Colour: pale straw yellow with golden shades.

Bouquet:  Fresh andfruity, the bouquet is delicate with subtle notes of white flowers.

Taste: Fresh elegant and well balanced. with a background of apple and aromatic herbs giving a pleasant aftertaste.

La Vigilia Pinot Grigio delle venezie DOC

  • Vintage: 2021

    Type: White

    Denomination: Denomination of Controlled Origin

    Grape varieties: 100% Pinot Grigio

    Alcohol: 12.5% vol.

    Format: 750 ml

    Ideal consumption: 2020-2021

    Serving temperature: 10-12 ⁰C

    Time to taste it: Dinner with friends or aperitif.

    Pairings: It goes perfectly with white meats, first and second courses of the sea but is also for sharing an aperitif with friends.

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