The Salaro family's activity begun in early 70s, when  Carlo Alberto's grandfather Danilo, the founder of the family business, gave the friendly name "Vigneto della Vigilia" at the first vineyard, located in the hilly area of Verona. This name is been based on his vision of the future, as the only  representation of the beginning of the creation of a greater future for the family winery. For this reason the company took its name from its old words, as a manifest of its dedication to winemaking.



Piazzetta G. Cotta 5/A
37045 - Legnago  (VR) - Italy

+39 042 509 30 25


Piazzetta G. Cotta 5/A- 37045 Legnago - Verona - Italy

P.IVA 04480900234

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Via Leonardo Da Vinci 185 Crocetta - Italy.

Tel.:+39 042 509 30 25


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