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Production Area: Vineyard placed between Verona and Vicenza, in the beautiful location of the euganean Hills, In Veneto region, Italy.

Alcohol: 13.5 %vol. 

Vinification: after the soft pressing of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, follows a long maceration of 15 days. The fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 22⁰ . Suddendly the wine is divided from its marcs and is affined in Inox Tank.

Color: Deep and intense purple with a violet tinge.

Taste: Fresh taste full bodied with incisive tannins.

Bouquet: The sensation at the nose recalls notes of red fruit such as black cherry (marasca), cherry and spicy notes of incense and pepper, typical aromas of the Corvina grape.  

Corvina Veronese IGT La Vigilia

€ 12,00Prezzo
  • Vintage: 2020

    Typology: Red

    Denomination: Typical Geographical Indication

    Vines: Corvina 100%

    Alcohol: 13,5 % vol.

    Format: 750 ml
    Ideal consumption: 2020-2021

    Serving temperature: 18-20 ⁰C

    Time to taste it: Dinner with friends or drink with friends.

    Pairings: Rich and tasty dishes and thick soups such as pasta and beans and cuts of red meat, grilled or stewed.

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